Should I Tweak My Site?

So, I’ve seriously been considering doing some extra tweaking on the site. It seems that the reach that I intended for some articles isn’t going as far as I would like it to be. So, I’ve been thinking about doing a few things to get more people to the site. I mean, it does well as it is, but I like it could do  a bit more. I’ve been talking to some resident bloggers, like John Cho and others, who make pretty good money on their site by posting blogs.

But after some consideration, I decided not to go about it. Why? Because, in a lot of cases even after you go through all the optimization steps that people talk about, you still get the traffic that you are looking for. I know I can try, and I know this blog is fairly popular. But I really don’t want to mess it up. Using things like seo services, guest blogging, and the like, he’ll are really from him by the search engines. And, I’ve never really been worried about it at this point, and just writing things that you guys like seems to be better than the going out and trying to find new people through means that are less than honorable.

For all intents and purposes, I can just fill this blog were funny pictures, and people would find them. That’s just how this blog is. It’s a happy blog, always has been, and always will be. I don’t intend on changing anything, and I hope you guys are cool with that. It’s just that in the back of my mind, I see all these guys making lots of money blogging, and, in the back of online, I’m wondering if I could be one of them. Maybe so, but probably not with this blog.

From what I’m reading, blogs that make money have to be essentially directed toward one thing. Either they have to be specifically geared toward lifestyle, or text, or some other topic. In other words, they have to be specialize, and directed toward one topic in particular. And then, if you do make a blog is directed toward one topic, you have to make sure that that particular topic is one that will be needed by the general public, and have enough revenue potential to make writing about it profitable. I know that there are some bloggers out there who write about a specific topic, such as text, building websites, and the like. In other words, these particular areas cost money advertising. Therefore, if they cost money to advertise in, you can write becomes popular, you can make money off of what you post. That’s the general idea behind blogging for money.

But, as I said this is about writing high-tech, highfalutin stuff that only a small portion of the audience would understand. This is about happiness. This is about joy. This is about me rambling on about anything and everything, and having a good time at the end of it. After all, how many people do you know can write a blog that will reach 50,000 people within an hour and a half? This is what I have now, and, after careful consideration, I’ve decided not to jeopardize it.

So, that’s all my rent for now. It against any questions or comments about it, feel free to get me up in comments. Later.

I want to make money online– but how?

So, I’m freaking out a little bit. I hit the wall the other day financially. Do you know when you have those times when you want to buy something, but don’t have enough money on it to do so? Well, I found myself in that situation the other day. There was this really nice pair of boots that I wanted to buy the other day. I was at the local thrift store, rummaging through the old clothing, and there they were. Now, usually the blues has good stuff, but the loose are just perfect. After all, how many times are you going to find a route that’s just your size, especially when you have a geeky little feet like mind?

The only problem was, the boots were about 17 bucks, and I didn’t have it. I was three days short of payday, and I just put all my money on rent and food. So, I don’t myself I would just have to wait a few days and think about picking them up on Friday.

Well, you know what happened. I went back on Friday, and the boots are gone. I was crushed. Seriously, I would have given up a meal or two to get a pair of boots like that. But, this whole thing may be mad. I realize that my job pays me well, but it gave me just enough to get by with my expenses. Living in California isn’t cheap, and I suppose that if I lived somewhere else I would be living like a king, but, I just can’t give up the California sun. So what to do? What to do?

I started looking at ways to make more money doing what I’m doing now, in other words, blogging. I came across a few programs about actually making money writing. But, would you trust? Who do you go with that comes to getting training about how to make money as a blogger?

Fortunately, I found this site that did reviews on training products. And through them I found a really good program that, at the very least send me in the right direction. So now, I’m thinking about starting another site, and just doing blogging about things that I like. I think that I’m engaging enough to have people actually gravitate toward what I say, after all, I’ve read worse things than the stuff I write. Here’s to a new hobby that hopefully gives me a little bit of cash on the side.

Why is the US government making this Ebola thing so hard?

Today, the second confirmed case of the Ebola virus in the US has been detected. A hospital worker at Dallas, who helped to treat the first confirmed case has been diagnosed with the disease. And, at this point in time, there’s no telling how many people have been contacted by the ineffective hospital worker.

It seems that just stopping all flights from Liberia and other nations affected by the Ebola outbreak would be common sense. But, it doesn’t seem that common sense is being used in this instance. The disease is usually detected until someone begins to come down with symptoms. In other words, it’s kind of like not knowing that someone had run away until you find an empty bed. Prevention is too little too late in this case.

The excuse as to why the government is a disallowing flights is because they say that flights are needed to send authorized personnel back and forth to fight the disease in library. I don’t know why no one has ever heard of this thing called private planes.

Measures are already starting to revolt against the idea of treating patients of Ebola because they claimed that they have not been trained enough in the procedures they need to combat the disease and protect themselves, which is obviously the case since the first person that has received the disease outside of US patent zero is a hospital worker. Even with all the precautions may, the disease still found a way to spread.

The word is that the disease is also not an airborne pathogen. Which may be true, but the disease that can be carried via water, even if it’s a small droplet. The name of the disease comes from a river after all.

We are just at the start of the United States. But common sense isn’t taken up soon, we may find ourselves in an elongated war with a substantial foe because we didn’t use common sense beforehand.

On Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom and Oddity

moonrise-kingdomThere’s something really strange about the films of Wes Anderson. The person that brought us films like him Moonrise Kingdom, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

They are quirky, there are strangely shot, and it all seemed like there exactly the same. They’ll have a strange little plot attached to them, he gets big stars to do them for the most part, and the interior shots are all similar. Straight on, dimensionally perfect little slices of life.

Perhaps that is what makes him so amusing. I’m watching Moonrise Kingdom, his 2012 we at least speak, and I find that it’s more interesting to watch the film and actually understand what is going on.

I have watched about half of grand Budapest Hotel. Don’t ask me what’s going on, I honestly could not tell you. There’s something hypnotic about his film, but not in the style of a film that you’d watch over and over again. I don’t make that you actually could do such a thing. If you can, God bless you, you have a longer attention span than I do.

But Anderson’s films are like a train wreck. You have to watch them, more for their uniqueness in oddity, combined with a strange beauty, more than anything else. And, once you start watching them, you feel an internal obligation to see it again, even if you don’t go from start to finish the first time around. That’s probably why I still have a copy of Grand Budapest, still waiting for me to finish.

Hello Kitty, You Have Dishonored Us.

hello, poser.

hello, poser.

So the news came down the other day that the popular cultural icon Hello Kitty  is not in fact a cat. The story has taken on a lot of traction over the last couple days, probably far too much traction. But, the question remains. Why tell us all of this now? Why possibly put a huge dent in a $5 billion (yes I said $5 billion) empire with such a disclosure? What was the point of telling us all of this?

I think that there will be a lot of people that are actually going to be pretty angry about this. It’s bad enough that people over the age of 30 have two indoor Hello Kitty . It’s sugarcoated cuteness that no one wants to deal with in any way shape or form when you reach a certain age.

Now, there are certain things that will always be invoked, no matter how old you get. Snoopy and peanuts quickly come to mind, Barbie of course is in this category as well. They are part of the national iconoshpere. They are who they are, and no matter how annoyed you may be but, they are here to stay, and they’re also very firmly established.

The Hello Kitty  falls into a different class altogether. I would only assume that is because some little girls look up to this creation, we don’t want an apology tour that has been firmly established over so many years. I mean, why would we think that Hello Kitty  is not a cat? She looks at the cat, she had ears like a cat, she has a tail like a cat. And now, the creators are telling us that she’s not a cat? What the heck is the point of that?

The LA Times reported in a story last week that “Hello Kitty  is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She’s never depicted on all fours. She walks in and sits like a true lady Creech. She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it’s called Charmmy Kitty.”

Of course, if the fact that she is on two legs is supposed to exempt her from actually being in a cartoon character animal, then I guess we can discount Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Donald, and all the rest from being animals as well. Do you see the crazy thoughts these Japanese have? The next thing you’re going to do is tell me that Pikachu is not a Pikachu, but he’s human. Darn them all to heck did they do that.

Now there is a lot of talk about the back story of Hello Kitty, as if hello Kitty really needed a back story, I mean, who cares. Unless we see a feature-length movie about hello Kitty in the near future, what’s the point of even having a back story. But, regarding the back story, and they are coming back now would just say that she’s a cat that’s been brought to life as a human being. Glad we got that out of the way, I didn’t want to confuse anybody.

Well, in the long run, I guess it really doesn’t matter. Hello Kitty is going to get her cash in a matter what, little girls will continue to buy backpacks, small makeup kits, shoes, clothing, and all of the other things that makes hello Kitty the phenomenon that it is. As long as they don’t draw a penis on her, she’ll continue to be the cultural icon that she is, as well as the major cash cow. But, it really took little bit of balls to come out with this revelation. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. The last thing that I would want to do, is that hold something that would lessen my marketability, even if by a little bit. In other words, Hello Kitty s got a good thing going. I hope she, or it, doesn’t screw it up.

Playing Star Wars The Old Republic

starwarstorStar Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) delivers imaginative gameplay in contrast to anything experienced prior in any MMO. Inside this article, I shall be going through the basics of SWTOR gameplay so you are able to know just what to anticipate from this MMORPG.

Compelling Storylines
The significant function which SWTOR game play provides over other MMOs is definitely a persuasive quest line. Each character is offered their own unique selection of epic quests.

While you advance through all these missions, your current character unlocks brand new skills plus gets more powerful. There are strings of quests which involve engaging in an epic premise and give the avatar a objective in the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe. This is fully distinct from most other games which usually give hundreds of adventures to kill ten bad guys or accumulate ten relics.

Lots of people have thought that SWTOR will become a single-player game enjoyed on the internet. This really is not the case. As well as the class missions, there is going to be yet another line of party missions which you’ll want to have the ability to do in each of smaller and substantial teams, depending on your own preference. I think this really is an incredible feature since I actually do not enjoy continual uninteresting, meaningless adventures over and over.

Being A Hero in the SWTOR World

One other key feature that SWTOR delivers is that combat plus game play typically is supposed to make you really feel like a hero in your entire world. With every other MMORPG, if you beat any boss of great importance or complete an epic mission it is having a really substantial force, and when your personal character is on its own she struggles to beat minor bosses and all around is a relatively minor player in the universe. In SWTOR, the team missions and also combat generally prefers this particular legendary play style.

Even fundamental combat coming from a low-level requires players dealing with multiple enemies as well as utilizing technique and abilities to progress by means of the game.

All the Stuff You would Count on From A Good MMORPG

Last but not least, the programmers have expressed countless times that the SWTOR game play capabilities described above are simply what this MMORPG is bringing to the table that is radically unique than other games in the exact same style.

There are plenty of positions that a personal loan can be found. Bad credit loans are available in various denominations and terms that most can qualify for. Gamers can also anticipate to find player vs player combat, a bidding house, in game economic systems, crafting, trading, and end game party content material available to play.

SWTOR Gameplay Bottom Line

In case you are in search of an MMORPG which offers faster-paced, exciting combat, then SWTOR is ideal for you. Having high-speed combat, epic questlines, and solitary and smaller party play alternatives, it’s wonderful for gamers that appreciate a number of MMO functions like economy, player vs player combat, and folks to interact with, without the hassle of having to obtain a grouping of 20 or so people jointly each time you want to accomplish something ambitious or exhilarating.

Should I take a makeup class?

makeup classAlthough you could come across a makeup workshop or makeup courses in most main cities, the location to go to seriously understand makeup is Hollywood. The biggest makeup artists reside and educate in or all around the Los Angeles space. When evaluating various makeup courses, here’s what to search for:

Tiny Class Dimension: Tiny makeup classes (with eight students maximum) assure the greatest fingers-on instruction custom-made to meet your specific wants.

Length of Makeup Programs: The greatest makeup programs are about 8 weeks extended and offer about 280 hrs of instruction and workshop time. Getting to be a makeup artist demands commitment and dedication, and a complete eight-week course will deliver you with all of the details you have to have to succeed.

In many cases, these classes don’t cost that much. If you need financing, you can find a small loan to cover the cost of going to these classes.

Assortment of Products: The makeup classes you choose ought to have product or service workshops that educate you about the myriad of cosmetic lines and items on the marketplace right now. You will need to have information and build practical knowledge in working with distinctive types of makeup in order to make sound choices when you make investments in your specialized makeup kit.

Variety of Methods: Your makeup classes must teach you how to use makeup for a wide range of mediums, this kind of as film, tv, large-definition, trend runway, and new music movies. Seem for makeup courses that specialize in airbrush makeup, as this method has acquired increasing significance in the business. You really should also be taught bridal makeup, ethnic makeup, mature makeup, and children’s makeup.

Far more than Makeup

Producing your artistry in makeup software is critical, but there’s much more to succeeding as a freelance makeup artist than honing your abilities. You also have to have data on the organization facets of currently being a makeup artist, these as promotion yourself and developing your portfolio. The ideal makeup colleges will consist of what quantities to a final course venture, a three-day photograph shoot that will the two put together you to method your very own photograph shoots and give you a leap start out on setting up your portfolio.

A profession as a makeup artist is equally personally and financially rewarding. Good makeup classes let you to make investments in your long term and open doorways to the glamorous, behind-the-scenes globe of glamour, celebrity, and trend.

Are you intrigued in fashion and want a career in this interesting industry? A fantastic spot to begin is by attending hair and make up university. A professionally accredited FL magnificence school gives you all necessary capabilities to start off an interesting and substantial spending job in the vogue trade.

The backbone of any solid vocation in the style sector is comprised of the capabilities acquired by attending an accredited FL beauty university. Outside of fundamental technical and highly developed procedures of cutting hair and makeup application, students have the gain of learning how to advertise and industry products, solutions and on their own.

Upon course completion, lots of hair and make up college graduates are fully prepared for the conflicts of the fashion trade. Whilst attending hair and make up university college students learn about the facets of the elegance business and are ready to hone techniques and discover strengths, weaknesses and individual preferences. Students go to lectures and take part in discussions about market trends and growing professions inside the sector supporting them decide on profitable career paths.

Many individuals start out performing at magnificence salons and spas and move there to perform their way up into management or ownership. The magnificence trade is large, today there are many salon and spa chains that present really beneficial management positions.

Makeup Cases

Makeup cases are available in a variety of sizes, designs as well as colors which makes it rather complicated to ladies to make their option. Exactly what most females search for is a makeup case which is both functional as well as attractive at the same time.

Anyway, numerous females have a tendency to neglect some of the most crucial specifications concerning the makeup cases, which typically results in making incorrect choices and alternatives. For example, the material which has been made use of for manufacturing a certain makeup case is rather necessary. It is the material that figures out the high quality as well as stability of the case itself. Logically, plastic will make the case for storing makeup easy-to-break yet that material additionally delivers benefits – it makes the makeup case light and as a result portable.

One more alternative which is worth discussing when it descends to materials used for producing makeup cases is the stainless steel. Cases for saving makeup which are made of stainless steel can almost be utilized forever because there is absolutely nothing which can easily happen to them – they are able to not rust, they can not break etc.. Probably, the only danger that is menacing over them is being lost. Yet as long as the manager looks out, that is not likely to take place.

However, when makeup cases are worried most of the people undoubtedly picture the portable ones which women keep in their purses. Those are one of the favored kinds of cases for saving makeup – they’re little and compact however give sufficient area for saving the most used makeup such as lipstick, shades as well as so on. Anyway, there is an additional kind of makeup cases which numerous females even enjoy because it supplies them by having adequate room for all their makeup, which is often a challenge. Of course that type of cases are a lot larger as well as can easily be used in home just. Even though they are not portable as well as can easily not be placed in a females purse, they’re still remarkably helpful since a womans compose is arranged and she will definitely be able to easily locate everything that she requires. Furthermore, there will certainly be no lipsticks, shades and all those additional kinds of makeup which individuals loathe watching all over the cabinets. All of them will be stored in a specific location – the womans make up case. There is no doubt that one of the most vital things in womens life is the makeup.

Also though there are so lots of individuals discussing the natural beauty as well as the harm which some low-quality makeup does to the females, it is still a fact that 90% of them can easily not go out in public without wearing it.